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The flowers and decor are the art elements of your wedding pallet.

They are an incredibly important part of making the statement of who the two of you are as a couple. Their beauty and grace not only help to create the mood for the day, they are  also a major background point for your photographs.

From glitz and glam, shabby chic, or traditional designs the award winning team at Oliveti Events can do it all with a sense of style and grace that is unmatched both from a quality perspective as well as creative endeavor.

We will listen closely to what you have to say and the photographs you show us to help you refine your color pallet as well as select blooms that will fit the ambiance for your church and reception location. Not only is part of my job making sure your ideas go beautifully with your location, but I also provide extensive knowledge of seasonal blooms and pricing. It is very important to me that Brides get exactly what their vision is on their wedding day but also for the most economical price. Oliveti Events has close relationships with growers in the area, enabling us to offer the best quality and pricing. 


We design wedding floral based on three categories:

1. Your personal florals which will include your bouquet, your bridesmaids flowers and groom and  groomsmen boutonnières as well as flowers for your family members that you want recognize and honor on your day. For us it is very important that your bouquet as a bride is bigger and stands out from your bridesmaids.  It is of course your day and you need to shine. For the guys we want to make sure our bloom selection and design are masculine and will look great at the end of the night as well as the beginning of the day.

2. Your ceremony florals whether you are in a church or another location need to show respect  and define your ”alter”€ area. Normally we create two anchor arrangements that will serve as marker for everyone's placement during the ceremony. We also include what we call ”pew ends“ which will designate where the reserve seating is for family. Also we want to review with your facility rules and if allowed make sure to create an aisle of petals for you to walk down.

3. Finally your reception floral. We need to dress each table with a centerpiece and again this is where we will work with you in determining what will look best for your room. We want to take into consideration the height of the ceilings, how many tables we will be having for guests, what the lighting conditions will be like, (lighting your floral is key that is why we recommend Oliveti Events assist in the dramatic lighting for you.

As you can see from the above you may need a professional and expert designer to incarnate flowers and decor to help you create an art experience that truly will make your day  unforgettable by all.


Congratulations! Your wedding is one of the most important days in your lives.  We welcome you to share this experience with Oliveti Events to enjoy every moment of your engagement and see your vision come to fruition.

We are a Chicago-based wedding planning and floral boutique dedicated to creating elegant and personalized affairs inspired by you.  Whether your inspirations lead you to a serene beach, a vineyard or historic ballroom, our weddings and floral creations reflect the lifestyles and personalities of each couple. 


A Few More Details

Oliveti Events a full service wedding and design company that believes a perfect event begins with detail.  When contracting with us, you will get the wedding that represents your personality and style.  Most importantly, you will be able to enjoy the entire process of planning the wedding and  watching your dream turn into reality.  Not only do we offer wedding and event planning services, but we also specialize in floral arrangements and decor.  Whether your seeking a wedding coordinator or simply small finishing touches to ensure that your special day is flawless, we will be by your side with extravagant and elegant ideas.  Oliveti Events can assist with your wedding from the floral arrangements to even the smallest touches of personalized napkins.  We promise that your guests will be in awe the moment your invitations are sent to the very last drop of champagne served.  Let our dedication to creating flawless events shine through on your wedding day.

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